New Nuclear Medicine SPECT-CT comes to Auckland

Astra Radiology has again invested in quality, high end radiology equipment to improve patient outcomes.

The Astra Radiology AUT Millennium clinic has installed a new, premium SPECT-CT Nuclear Medicine system that includes a low energy, high resolution sensitivity collimator, which enables a reduction of scan times and/or reduced dose.

Astra Radiology provides a team of highly skilled, compassionate Nuclear Medicine Technologists who ensure quality patient care and service.

The hybrid dual head gamma camera GE SwiftScan SPECT also includes a 16-slice CT system with IQ Enhancement technology, enabling speed equivalent to that of a CT scanner at the same table with a 50-slice detector. This new SPECT-CT delivers the latest advancements in dose and CT metal artifact reduction technology to consistently produce accurate results in the most challenging environments.