Interventional Radiology

Modern imaging techniques now enable radiologists to treat an ever-widening range of conditions, without the need for major surgery or a general anaesthetic.

Interventional radiology can replace more costly and potentially hazardous tests and treatments with ones that are faster, safer, better tolerated by the patient and more cost effective. These procedures can either, do away with the need for patients to be admitted to hospital, or greatly reduce their hospital stay.

In addition to conventional imaging, radiologists use ultrasound, CT and MRI to help with interventional procedures. These modalities enable the radiologist to insert needles or catheters into the body with great accuracy, and to see the procedure on a TV monitor while it is happening. Types of interventional procedures include drainage of fluid collections, biopsies, drainage of blocked bile ducts and kidneys, balloon angioplasty and the plugging of bleeding vessels.

Astra Radiology has specialist radiologists who are experienced in interventional procedures.

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